Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Vote For Me Is A Vote For Freedom...

Through my Spiritual Advisor, Avitable, I found my way to the Weekly Word Game run by Cindra, and was inspired to take a stab at the contest. The rules are pretty simple, Cindra provides 18 words, and you have to write a piece incorporating those 18 words.

As I said, I chose to write one, so if you are so inclined, hop on over there, and take a gander at the submissions, and vote for the best one.

I have faith that you will pick mine, as I am sure it is the best. It is also the most humble. And has the best shoes.


Avitable said...

It's fun, isn't it? Pretty soon, she'll have too many competitors to run it, I think.

Paticus said...

It was fun. I hope I can do a few more, as I hope I can improve my performance.