Monday, January 22, 2007

Random Shit...

Have you ever been doing something, and then it suddenly flashes through your brain how badly what you are doing could end ?

Let me share this example:
Let's say, theoretically, that your wife was making a soft boiled egg for breakfast. The timer goes off in the kitchen, alerting you that the egg is finished cooking. Now, your wife is not in the apartment at the moment, she has gone to put her bag and such in the car.
Being a chivalrous sort, you spring into action, perhaps saying to yourself,"Why, if I don't remove that egg from the burner, a hard boiling of the egg could result. That would be wrong !" You bound across the apartment, only to reach the kitchen and realize that the baby gate is closed.(There are two 16 month old creatures in the apartment, the kitchen being off limits to them)
You now have two choices:
1. Take two seconds top open the gate, step through, close the gate, remove the egg from the burner, turn off the burner, and exit the kitchen the same way you entered.
2. Lean your fat ass over the (tenuously attached) gate, stretch to turn off the timer, grope for the pot of boiling water, and move it off the burner, then grope and grasp to turn off the burner.

Naturally, you would choose option 1, correct ?

Let's just say, for the sake of argument, you chose option number 2. And then, whilst you are groping for the pot of water, here is what might run through your head." Gee, this gate isn't really that firmly attached, and furthermore, I'm the one who installed it. Construction is not my forte. I am also a bit of a whale, it would seem that the odds of this gate collapsing under my considerable weight are rather good(or bad, depending on your point of view). If that were to happen, I would bring a pot of boiling water down on my face. That would be bad...Well, I'm here now, I might as well finish what I started." Then, you would sloppily move the pot of water and turn off the burner. With no loss of life or limb.

But still, for what ? My laziness is astounding sometimes.

So, I don't know if any of you folks are sports fans or not, but did anyone see "genius" Bill Belichick after the Patriots lost to the Colts yesterday(which mad me one very happy camper by the way. Not really a Colts fan-A Cowboys fan actually, but i like Tony Dungy a lot, and I do not like the Patriots) ? They showed him hugging Tony Dungy, which coincidentally, he had to know would be televised, but then a few seconds later Peyton Manning went out of his way to find Belichick, but Belichick barely shook his hand, and actually appeared to roll his eyes as he pushed past Manning. What a fucking spoiled sport brat. What a dick.

I was reading an article about guitarist Joe Walsh over the weekend, and I was reminded of one of my favorite pieces of stage banter ever. I saw the Eagles on their "Hell Freezes Over" tour in 1994 in Denver.(I was driving to L.A. form New Jersey- Denver was a good stop, it's also where I got to see the New York Rangers win the Stanley Cup) I lucked into free tickets with my Special Lady's cousin, as I was not going to pay $125.00 to see anyone at that time(maybe the Grateful Dead, maybe Springsteen). It was a good show. And at one point, Joe Walsh steps up the microphone and says;"The last thing my Grandmother said to me, 'Joseph, sorry about the nose.' " Hilarious.

I thought I had more to share, and perhaps I will later, but for now... That is all. You may go. Nothing more to see here. Etcetera...

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