Monday, March 26, 2007

Feral Interview....

The lovely and talented Feral Mom over at Gone Feral has come up with 5 Questions(3 questions) for me to answer...So answer the 5 Questions(3 questions) I will....

Question The First: What Grateful Dead song(if any) do you secretly think is shite ?
Answer: I don't know there are any that I secretly think are shite. there are several Bob Weir sung tunes that I am not a big fan of': Walkin' Blues, Corinna(or as a friend of mine once dubbed it "Velveeeta"), Easy Answers...

I also happen to like a lot of songs that other Heads really dislike. Everyone seems to hate Garcia's "Keep Your Day Job"- I kinda like it. Same with "I Will Take You Home". In fact, I am a big fan of Brent Mydland, and I know he is not a lot of people's cup of Grateful Dead tea. I love what he brought to the band, and I was crushed when he died.

But I guess the one thing that could get me excommunicated is this...I am not a big fan of Drums/Space-Allow me to explain- About halfway through the second set of EVERY show(starting somewhere in 1979 officially, I think), there would be about a ten minute drum solo(Drums), during which Jerry, Phil, Bobby and Keith& Donna(1971-1979)/Brent(1979-1990)/Vince(1990-1995) and Bruce Hornsby(1990-1992) would leave the stage. Then they would all return, and they would noodle around(Space) while Bill and Mickey(the drummers) would take a break. I never particularly enjoyed this, I must admit. When it would be nearing the end of Space, it was always fun to try and figure out which song they were going to play, but overall, I did not like the music that this interlude produced. I appreciate that it was a needed rest, and it let them improvise and everything, but i was mostly bored. The only time I really remember enjoying it was at one show where I watched this dude dance to the whole drum solo, and seeing someone enjoy it that much definitely upped my enjoyment.
There you have it, probably a much longer answer than needed.

Question The Second: Which two of your friends should never,ever meet one another ?

I don't know that I have a real answer to that one. I think most of my friends are pretty good at adapting and getting along. I will skip this one for a second and move on.

I'm back, and I must say, I don't think I have an answer for this one. I have had friend universes cross before, with no disasters, so I don't think I would need to keep any of my friends apart.Perhaps My Special Lady might have a different take on this one. Comment if you do,Special Lady.

Question The Third: You've got to give up one: sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, or the internets. Which will it be ?

This one is actually easier to answer than one might think. Drugs would be the one to give up. In fact, I think I have mostly unofficially given them up by now anyway. I don't think I've smoked reefer in a year or two anyway, and I gave up the more mind expanding ones quite some time ago. I realize that it ain't the coolest answer in the world,but it is the truth. I think I had enough good and(very,very) bad times on drugs to last me for a while anyway. I can still drink, right ?

Question The Fourth: What's the longest you've ever gone without talking to someone ?

I'm not absolutely sure what answer you require to this...Do you mean like what's the longest I have been without human contact ? Or what's the longest that my stupid Irish temper has kept me from talking to someone that has "wronged" me ?
I am going to guess you mean the latter. There was one person that My Special Lady and I just cut out of our lives completely, that was probably ten years or so ago now. Those who knew us in L.A. will probably be rolling their eyes right about now, as this was a bit of an all encompassing situation for my Special Lady and I for awhile. This was a person that we were somewhat friends with, at least friendly neighbors, and then he just crossed several lines, the last being remaining in our apartment while we had some friends over for dinner, not leaving, but not accepting the (begrudgingly) offered dinner invitation. We stopped talking to him the next day.

Question The Fifth: You get to relive one year of your life in its entirety before you die.Which one will it be, or will you take a pass ?

This is a tough one...Good question, Feral Mom. The immediate, sentimental answer would be 2005, as that is when the twins were born(and I mean ACTUAL twins- it's not some twisted reference to the day My Special Lady got breast implants), but that was only one day in that year, and I think have enjoyed this past year more than that year,as they have become more interactive with us, and all that. But then, this has not been a banner year for me as a person(or husband- nothing super salacious or juicy, I can just be a prick sometimes, and lack of sleep and other stresses has made that a more often occurrence than I would like-let's just say, I would not be shocked to one day come home and have the locks changed-well, perhaps that is an exaggeration-or perhaps it's not), so I don't know that I would want to relive that part of it.

One could also go the more selfish route, and pick a year from my youth, when things were going my way, when I was still full of promise, and suffering under the delusion that I was talented, and "going places". Back when I could recover from hangovers more quickly(or perhaps not have them at all), when I did not think about the consequences of actions. But, then I would not have the joy of knowing many of the people I know now. I didn't know Mr. & Mrs. Feral, or Sass, or C2, Elizabeth, Susan,Frank,- or any of the other folks we met in Chicago. I think I would pick a year before we moved to L.A., so I would not know any of the truly fantastic people I know from there(I'm not sure who reads this, but you know who you are-Aaron,Jane, Julia,Gail, Brad,Gina, Joe, Eric...I'm sure I'm forgetting some folks). Would I pick a year from college ? Probably, so many of those folks would be there, so that would be good. But, of course, to become a bit maudlin, I can't imagine time without RLB and LAB(the twins) in it as "better" anyway.

I guess I would have to say I'm dead, that's it. Help me find my grandmothers(I never met them), then tell me where Garcia's playing, and tell Hunter Thompson and Belushi to meet me there.

There you have it, the answers to the Five(three) Questions.

Thanks, Feral Mom.

If anyone else has some questions they'd like to ask me- fire away.


Zooomabooma said...

I remember the first time I danced through most of Drums, RFK Stadium, i wasn't even flyin', no pot, no alkeehol, i was just so into it. I've gotta dload the show and see what went into -> Drums but all's i remember is it was FUN!!!! Was one of the only times I was ever that into it, other times, though, with the right seats, it was totally cool watchin' exactly what Billy & Mickey were doin' . . . and then how could ya go wrong with Space!? Well, of course sometimes it was weak but what an amazing time for the boys to just do whatever it is they freakin' wanted and they'd listen to where someone was goin' and they'd play along often so freakin' perfectly! I tell ya, I never left during Drums->Space, for the most part, I loved every second of it!!

P.S. check out a couple shows from '95 when Jerry stayed on stage during Drums while everyone else left. Interesting, to say the least, and rare.

P.P.S. there are also those rare occasions where Drums is kicked up a notch or twelve such as in a show I listened to the other day, 2-12-86 where just as Mickey & Billy were finishing their thing, out came members of the Neville Brothers and they brought a TON of steam to what was pretty much a Drums Part II, just an amazing few more minutes that rivaled some of the best drums circles I've ever had the pleasure of hearing or sitting in on!

Paticus said...

Amen to your enjoyment of Drums/Space. I would certainly pay attention mostly during shows I saw, but it very rarely sucked me in like it did you...I wish that it had...And I almost never listen to it on tapes(cd's, downloads-damn this technological lingo), and I really try to avoid their stuff from '95, it just kinda makes me sad. I know it's purely hindsight, but it's like I can hear Jerry running out of gas.
Thanks for the visit and the comment, brother.