Monday, April 09, 2007

Weird, Kinda Easter-Related Memory...

As I watched the girls find their "hidden"(They are 18 months old, the eggs were only so hidden, really, but they actually did an admirable job of finding them) Easter eggs yesterday, I was led on a strange journey through my memory.

It started with me remembering my own Easter egg hunts in my parent's house when I was a kid. They were all relatively uneventful, though I do recall when I was about 3 that I fell and hit my head on the coffee table and needed stitches above my right eye. Other than that, though, nothing outstanding.

Then, I started thinking about some of the places that the eggs would be hidden.

Which led me to thinking about this side table that my parents' had(still have actually, I think.)- It was a square table, maybe two feet by two feet, or three feet by three feet, dark wood, maybe three feet high, it had all these little shelves all over it. Shelves that were great for hiding Easter eggs!! I would always find at least one there every year.

Which led me to think about the fact that my parents also always kept paperback novels on those shelves, and when I was a kid and playing (I used to use the table a lot as some sort of fortress with my action figures), I would see these novels.

Which led me to remember that one of the novels was Coma by Robin Cook. On the cover of the novel was the word COMA(duh) and a picture of a body being suspended from the ceiling by wires.

Which led to remember that, when I was a kid, I thought that being in a coma meant that you were hanging from the ceiling by wires. I do not remember when I learned the truth, but I do remember that I would hear someone talking about a person being in a coma, and I would imagine a person hanging from the ceiling in the hospital.

How's THAT for an Easter memory ?

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