Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Wisdom Of Bret Michaels...

A few years back, I was leafing through the American Icons issue of Rolling Stone when I came across an item entitled "The Lighter" by Poison's Bret Michaels,and I realized that I had to share at least some of it with you.

The first excerpt is from a discussion of his first rock concert a double bill of Foghat and Sweet.
He recounts that Sweet started playing "BallroomBlitz" "...and up came my lighter, with the flame as wide open as I could put it. It was burning my fingers, but I kept it there, because that was just the cool thing to do. I'm not sure how I knew to do it, but it felt instinctual"

Amen to that, Bret.

He continues about his early days with Poison, "...the only lighters we saw were if someone was actually firing up his cigarette. But we became lighter-worthy, and that's the greatest feeling in the world. When we do "Every Rose Has It's Thorn"and"Something to Believe In," there are thousands...It's pretty damn impressive. They're saying,"Hey, I may be back here 272 rows, but I think this song kicks ass."

Wow...When I finished the article, you know what I did ? That's right, I fired up my trusty old Bic- in honor of Bret Michaels- I was saying. "Bret, we may be 400 or 500 thousand rows apart, but that article kicked ass.

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