Thursday, May 17, 2007

An Open Letter To Our Fellow Travelers...

We apologize.

To all the people who flew from Tallahassee to Charlotte to Buffalo on Friday, and returned on Tuesday- we're sorry. I know that flying sucks, and having two screaming 20 month olds on the plane only made it worse.

We did all we could to calm the girls down, but the cabin pressurization/de-pressurization was torture for them, and there is not a lot we could do about it. They are too old to take a boob or a bottle, and too young to understand that they can pop their own ears. No, their way of dealing with it is screaming and kicking.

I swear they are not brats(not yet, anyway-we're trying our best to make sure they don't become them , either)) they were in pain, and that's how they react to it.

Yes, I suppose we could have driven, but we simply could not take enough days off to make that feasible.

The trip was a gift to my Mom on Mother's Day, so the scheduling was necessary.

I apologized to as many of you as I could that were sitting around us, and I appreciate your understanding and sympathy.

Again, we truly are sorry.

Now, to the inconsiderate MOTHERFUCKER who felt it was okay to hit My Special Lady on the head with his carry-on bag- YOU, sir, are a shit eating cocksucker. I realize that the girls cried on the plane, and ruined your trip, but if you really feel that that entitles you to hit their mother on the head with your stowed carry-on bag, then I hope you catch a debilitating disease and die slowly, painfully, and alone.

And before anyone tries to defend him, he KNOWS he hit her. I saw him look back and roll his eyes, after he realized who he hit with his bag.. He's just lucky that I had an inconsolable 20 month old on my lap and another inconsolable 20 month old on My Special Lady's lap between me and him, and that I couldn't find him in the airport, because I would have shoved the bag up his ass, and pulled it out his mouth. There is no excuse for a grown person to act like that.



Avitable said...

What a fucker! That is truly obnoxious.

c2 said...

No excuse whatsoever for that sort of motherfuckery!

Deb said...

Anyone who has children would have understood. Poor babies - they must've felt miserable.

As for the jerk who assaulted your 'special lady'... he'll get his in the end. (yeah, take that how ever you like!)

Paticus said...

Avitable- Yeah, it was kind of stunning. I couldn't really believe what i was seeing.
C2- Amen !

Deb- Thanks, and yeah, I think he's the type of person karma exists for.
Thanks for the visit and comment !!