Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Yeah, There's Definitely Oozing Going on There..."

That's what the nurse said to me yesterday. I did kinda know that already, as the reason I was there was because the night before I had come home with a rather large(about the size of a small donut...mmmmm...oozing donuts) blood stain on the back of my shirt. I thought it was worth calling the doctor about, as I usually do not have donut sized blood stains on the back of my shirt. Nor do I normally have them anywhere else on my shirt(or pants, or shoes) either, unless I am attacked by ninjas or something on my way home, which does happen more that you would think, but since I had not had a stealth ninja fight on my way home, I thought that this particular blood stain might have something to do with the 25 stitches that were in my back.

And the nurse's statement confirmed my suspicions. Which in a way, was good. Because it certainly would have been very strange if she had told me that the blood stain on my shirt was in fact NOT caused by the stitches. Then we would have a mystery worthy of Gil Grissom on our hands.

Speaking of CSI, I was watching an episode of CSI: Miami recently, which is the most unintentionally funny show on television, and they were dealing with a divorcing couple that had divided their house with laser beams, and David Caruso's line just before the "Won't Get Fooled Again" scream to begin the credits was(I shit you not)..."Welcome to divorce(dramatic pause)..of the future." (Cue Roger Daltrey) It was fucking priceless.

Back to my bloody back(hey, semi- alliteration). Aside from the oozing, the news was mostly quite good. The results of the test on the chunk they had removed had come back and the margins were clear, so they seem to have gotten all the abnormal cells. So hooray for that. Also, the wound did not seem to be infected or anything, so the oozing was nothing to be particularly alarmed about.

One odd thing, they think I might be having a mild allergic reaction to the stitches. I thought that was kind of odd, but again, apparently doesn't seem to be anything to be alarmed about.

So I think that's the back story. So far...Stitches out on Monday.


Avitable said...

I'm glad that it looks like it's okay, and I'm glad that the blood wasn't from some random non-stitch related thing!

Paticus said...

Avitable- Thansk.
Yeah, i don't really need a mystery in my life right now.

Paticus said...

I ALWAYS misspell thanks !! AArgh !!