Friday, June 29, 2007

Name That Lyric: Episode LVIII: Why Didn't They Think of This ?

You would think that the justice system out in L.A., of all places, would be more creative. They should have set it up so that Paris Hilton would have been released from jail on the 14th of July !!! What a wasted opportunity !!

On with the game:

We have a winner from last week !!! the lovely and talented c2 correctly identified

"See the kids just getting out of school
They can't wait to hang out and be cool"

from "We Got The Beat" by the Go-Go's . Brava, c2, Brava !!!

This week's clue:

"There goes my baby
She knows how to Rock'n'Roll
She drives me crazy
She gives me hot and cold fever
Then she leaves me in a cool cool sweat"

Good luck, Crimestoppers !!!


a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

I knew the Go-Go's and no, I'm not embarassed but I guess one's not supposed to google the answer 'cause i don't know this one.

chlorinejenny said...

Queen's Crazy little thing called love!