Friday, August 17, 2007

Name That Lyric: Episode LXV:Sorry About That...

We have a winner from last week !!! The lovely and talented Miss. Ann Thrope correctly identified

"A candy colored clown they call the Sandman
Tiptoes to my room every night"

fron "In Dreams" by Roy Orbison. Brava, Miss. Ann, brava !!!!!

I would also like to apologize for ruining the sleep of the lovely and talented *jaime, that was definitely not my intention, though I will admit I had "Blue Velvet" on the brain when the lyric came to mind.

Onto this week's game !!

"I'm a faithful follower of Brother John Birch
And I belong to the Antioch Baptist Church
And I ain't even got a garage , you can call home and ask my wife"

Good luck, Crimestoppers !!!!

And by the way, I will be back in the 'Hassee this weekend, and I will report on the Joisey visit. And I will get back on track with the movie quotes game as well.


Jennifer said...

I've got nothing about the post. But I am glad you're back I was starting to think you left forever. I get worried about cyber friends when they vanish -- I always think what if there was a car accident! It must be the mama in me. It's a little obnoxious. Glad you're good though.

Miss Ann Thrope said...


Uneasy Rider by The Charlie Daniels Band.

I fucking rock. Seriously.