Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"I'll Take These Huggies,And Any Cash You Might Have in The Cash Register..."

It seems that there was much discussion about my comment on my distaste for Nicolas Cage and his acting performances.

Okay, there really wasn't much discussion, just Avitable telling me to see Ghost Rider(Avi- I did see it, and I hated it, I think I wanted it to be better), and a.k.a. asking about Raising Arizona...But I smelled a post in there, and I'm running with it !!

As I stated(or typed) yesterday, there are few Nicolas Cage movies that don't make me want to claw out my eyes, and stick dynamite in my ears(also known as the "Scratchy Treatment").

Here are the few that I can safely watch:

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Rumble Fish


Valley Girl

Wild At Heart

Racing With The Moon

Raising Arizona

The Rock

Con Air

I think that is all. Otherwise, I either hate the movie, or hate his performance in it(Peggy Sue Got Married comes immediately to mind in the latter category).

What do you think of Nic Cage ?

Hey, maybe this could become a regular thing ? You folks send me some actors and actresses, and I'll let you know what of their body of work i like to watch !! Whaddya think ? It's a perfect combination of my love of being a jerk and my love of being told what to do ?
Let's go for it !! Start leaving me some names !!


Avitable said...

I can only watch Ghost Rider as a comedy. It was so hilarious, and he was so bad in it, that I was in the aisles laughing.

He was decent in Lord of War, and I really liked Matchstick Men and Adaptation.

Face/Off was very fun, as was Con Air and The Rock.

And finally, I've always found Amos & Andrew to be pretty funny, and I thought he did a good job there, too.

I can't hate Nic Cage too much since he's a huge comic book fan.

c2 said...

Leaving Las Vegas?


Jefe said...

I hated Con Air, and mildly disliked The Rock. The others you mention I, too, enjoyed (particularly Adaptation, Wild at Heart and Rasing Arizona).

I also loved Moonstruck and Matchstick Men (thanks Avitable for that one). Thought his performance in Leaving Las Vegas was very good, even if, at the end of the movie, I wasn't sure why I watched it.

Paticus said...

Avitable- perhaps I'll revisit Ghost Rider some day.
i did not see Lord Of war.
Ddin't like Face/Off, matchstick men or Amos & Andrew.

c2- I kinda liked "Leaving Las Vegas" when i first saw it, but i liked it less and less the more praise it received.

Jefe- Moonstruck just annoys me.