Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Does That Count As Bilingual ?

If I am ever lost in a Spanish speaking country, I will be able to:

Order two Coca-Colas- Camarero, dos Coca-Colas, por favor.

Ask where Luisa is: Donde esta Luisa ?

Answer that same question(provided that Luisa is in the house): Luisa esta en la casa.

Ask where the library is: Donde esta la biblioteca ?

That's about it.


c2 said...

"me duele la cabeza" = my head hurts (I have a headache)

I'm pretty sure I spelled "duele" wrong. You pronounce it like dwell-ay

Zooomabooma said...


¡¡¡Dos cervezas, por favor!!!

¡No! ¡Tres cervezas y tres por mi amigo!

¿Donde esta el baƱo?

alyssa said...

Donde esta me cabeza loco?
Donde esta el bano?

If I ever go to a spanish speaking country, I am going to seem like an idiot because all I know how to do is ask "Where is....?"

Oh, if you ask someone libre hablo? you are asking them if they are free to speak.

this concludes my knowledge of espanol...