Friday, March 07, 2008

Name That Lyric:Episode XC

We once again have a partial credit from last week !!! the lovely and talented Miss. Ann Thrope correctly identified that it was the Rolling Stones who sang:

"Watching the snow swirl around your hair and around your feet
And I'm thinking to myself she surely looks a treat"

But she could not remember that it is from "Till The Next Goodbye". Half a brava, Miss. Ann, half a brava !!!

Onto this weeks clue:

"Oh, I don't know why she left me
But there's one thing I know
I know that if my baby tells me that she'll come back home
I'll never never do it no more, yea because"

Good luck, Crimestoppers !!!!


Miss Ann Thrope said...


Sam Cook - I'm In A Sad Mood.

I love him. He was so friggin hot...and sexy and it's sad he died so young.

Miss Ann Thrope said...

PS: I am impressed at the variety of music you choose from.