Monday, April 07, 2008

Meet My Ties: Volume 7 !!!

Today's tie does not have an official name, I just call it my "veggie" tie, because I am so alarmingly clever and original.
Here is a photo of the "veggie tie"

It's from the Tango collection by Max Raab and it is made of 100% imported cotton, but Made In the USA. It's got radishes and green bell peppers and chili peppers on it. I think there are purple onions, and I'm not sure what those longer purple veggies are supposed to be, I guess they could be bruised carrots ?
This tie was actually a gift from a co-worker. She and her husband were retiring and moving to Mexico, and while she was sifting through their stuff, she found this tie, and having an appreciation for my taste in neck wear, she thought that I would appreciate it.
Which I certainly do.

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