Monday, April 21, 2008

Meet My Ties:Volume 9: "Like I told you,what I said...

..Steal your face right off your head"-"He's Gone"-Hunter/Garcia

That's right folks, it's Meet My Ties, time !!!

this week's tie is called "Steal Your Face:First Set", and it is 100% silk, made in Korea. It is a Grateful Dead themed tie. "Steal your face",as you may have guessed is part of a lyric from a song called "He's Gone", which is referenced above. It is also one of the logos closely associated with the band. here it is in it's purest form:

as the cover of a double live album guessed it, "Steal Your Face". It was originally developed as a way to identify the Dead's equipment, you can read the story here

Anyway, you can see that there is an interpretation of the symbol on maroon on the tie, and if you look closer, you can also see the actual logo in the background on the tie. Here is a closer pic for your inspection:

Fascinating stuff, huh ?
Enjoy your Monday, Crimestoppers !!!
Steal your face right off your head.


Zooomabooma said...

Oooooooo, ahhhhhhhh.

You say the Steal Your Face, or Stealie, is "one of the logos closely associated with the band"?

Really? I did not know that!

LOL ;)

But seriously -- some good lookin ties. If I wore ties, these would probably be in my closet as well.

And with that... I bid you goodnight, goodnight, gooooooodnight.

Paticus said...

Zooma- Alright, smartypants.