Thursday, May 29, 2008

School Of Rock: Rock Causes Lustful Thoughts...Part 1

What ? Alert the media !!! Lock up your children !!

Rock and/or roll, Satan's own soundtrack, causes lustful thoughts !! How do I know ? I purchased Madonna's first two albums, purely because I was under her sexual spell. Ever heard of a singer named Fiona ? Here, I'll refresh your memory: Warning-This is PAINFULLY '80's.

I own that album. Why ? Because I thought she was cute. Hey, I was a fat, ugly kid, whaddya want from me ?
That is an example of the worst of rock(loose definition) causing lustful thoughts. But sometimes, lust does ROCK!

Example number 1 ?

Pat freakin' Benatar !!!

Pat knew how to ROCK. Particularly on her first three records(In The Heat Of the Night, Crimes Of Passion, and Precious Time), and boy, did she cause the lustful thoughts.

Hell, Pat was so kickass, she had 3 characters based on her in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High"!

And, oh the lustful thoughts.

Okay, so she went a little wacky when it came to videos. Like this one:

And THIS one:

Though you gotta admit that the "pimp repellent" dance is pretty damn cool.

And her voice always kicked ass.

And did I mention the lustful thoughts ?

Up Next: More hot chicks ? Hmmmm...could be.

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Feral Mom said...

Sometimes I do the "pimp repellant" dance, just because.