Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday !!

Today is My Special Lady's birthday...Being a gentleman, I will not reveal her age. I'll just say that she's old enough to know better(whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean).

I hope she gets everything she wants today, because she certainly deserves it. She is absolutely the best person I know, she has put up with a dickhead named Paticus for coming up on 20 years, and as I have said before, she flat out RAWKS !!!!

Happy birthday, my dear. I love you.
And I will leave you with a little blast form the early days of MTV:


c2 said...

Happy Birthday, Special Lady!!

Avitable said...

Aww, Happy Birthday!

Feral Mom said...

Happy birthday, Paticus' Special Lady! Y'all are one of the cutest couples, ever.

Poppy said...

Happy birthday a day.5 late, Special Lady!