Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am going to talk(write) about the two episodes of Lost from last night, so if you have not seen them yet, watch them NOW and then come back!

So, Lost returned last night with it's two hour "Premiere event"(actually 3 hours if you count the one hour recap episode-which i did watch, and which I think may have revealed something-hmmmm), and it did not disappoint.

Some craaaazy shit went down. And of course, there are now four hundred thousand new questions. Great. No more sleep for me.

It opened with a flashback, and the opening scene was very similar to the opening scenes from Season 2, 3 and 4, with unidentified people putting on music and starting their days(I think that's what Juliet was doing at the opening of Season 3, or was she setting up for book club ? either way, it was similar to the other season openers).
We find out that it is Dr. Marvin Candle, the man who appears in all of the training tapes for the Dharma Initiative. He tends to his infant son(who i still think we are going to find out is Miles(the guy who can hear the dead). then he goes to shoot one of the training videos, and he is interrupted to be shown some thing at the Orchid Station. We find out that there is tremendous energy in the core of the island that may hold the secret to time travel.(Wha ?) And we see that inside this core is where the wheel that Ben turned to "move" the island is located. THEN, we see Farrady is there. How ? Time travel, obviously. But what is Farrady's "real time" ? Did he harness the energy back then,and can time travel now ?

I just realized that this could become a verrrrrrrrry looooong post. I will try and condense.

The island has become "unstuck in time" apparently. They keep hopping around in time.This very dangerous, as the flaming arrows proved. And the Oceanic 6(plus Desmond and the "corpse" of Locke) must return to the island in order to save the lives of those they left on the island. Ben and Jack both want to go back. Desmond feels that he HAS to, in order to save these folks, Locke, obviously has no choice(but he also apparently dies in order to save the island, so I think he does want to go back... I also have the feeling that his return to the island will lead to his resurrection. Hurley, Kate(&Aaron) ,Sayid and Sun ? I think that's gonna be trickier. especially since Hurley got himself arrested on murder charges.

Sun is also launching her revenge for Jin's death. I have one question on this: She told Widmore that they both wanted the same thing...To kill Benjamin Linus. But Widmore can't kill Ben. can someone else ? Or does Widmore need Ben to be alive ? Tricky. Sun was definitely creepy when she was talking to Kate. I think that she blames Kate, too.

Ben also seems to have quite the team on the mainland.And we find out he only has 70 hours to get back to the island. and it seems like things will be bad for a lot of people if he doesn't. I look forward to them breaking Hurley out.

I am trying to remember what the name of Ben's childhood girlfriend was, and if the woman at the butcher shop, Jill, may have been her ? Anyone know ? answered my own question-Her name was Annie. Oh, well.

Also, how much time has "passed' on the island ? the Oceanic 6 have been off the island for 3 years. has the island been "unstuck" for that long ?

Update: 1 more question:
1. Is Farraday's Mom going to be the woman that Desmond met in the diamond store that is helping Ben now ?

Also, I noticed in the recap show that the producers said that Sun was dealing with the weight of "believing that her husband died on the freighter"..."BELIEVING that he died", not dealing with the fact that her husband died on the freighter, but "believing that he died". Does that mean that he is not dead ? I think it might. I think it might.

I'm sure there's a lot more questions...But my brain is fried right now. I think I'll have to take notes next week. I'll be back if I think of more.

Please leave any theories, etc. in the comments.


Jessica said...

Have you heard of the Lost drinking game? It goes like this: when you're watching Lost and something doesn't make sense you take a drink/shot (whatever) lol.

Paticus said...

Jessica- That would require a LOT of liquor!
I like to quote William Hurt from The Big Chill when thinking about LOST- "Sometimes you just have to let art flow over you." :)