Saturday, January 31, 2009

Testing....One...Two...Three...Test Video..."Let's Sing The Pizza Song...Together !!"


Okay, we got a new webcam, so this is me testing out the whole video blog thing...Enjoy!!


Julie said...

It works, but it's FRIGHTENING. I hope you are putting aside money for the girls' therapy. Talking pizza. Good lord. I think that the Red Elephant incident was actually just the Ms. Pac Man trying to tell you that there's good technology (Ms. Pac Man) and bad technology (Elmo and talking pizza). Plus, the Red Elephant's Ms. Pac Man has probably seen her share of pizza problems.

Paticus said...

Julie-They LOVE the things! And Elmo actually bothers me much less than I would have expected. there's just something demented about him, that I either appreciate or identify with-I'm not sure which, and I don't know that i want to know.

Julie said...

Ok, then you should be putting aside money for MY therapy.

The scariest toy we have is a little phone that talks, and often gets stuck at the bottom of the toy bin, so suddenly some other toy will press its buttons, and you'll hear a bodiless, "I love you!" that suddenly goes into Camptown Races coming from the corner.

Paticus said...

Thankfully, Elmo does not have a hair trigger. We do have a few of those that do, though. the girls have these talking dogs, and I swear, one night one of them was going all Twilight Zone "Talky Tina on me. I was never so glad we did live in a two story house!