Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Does This Hat Make My Ass Look Big ?

I can feel the randomness, can you ?

I think I failed the Jeopardy online test again. probably for the best. I would probably pull an Alex P. Keaton/Cindy Brady if I ever got on the show anyway. Just stand there wide-eyed...Probably drooling a bit. Either that, or I would just buzz in and answer EVERY question incorrectly, perhaps even with the same answer: "What is vanilla extract ?". Just go down in absolute flames. Might be fun. I wonder if they would air it ?

So, I'm not gonna get all soapboxy about this whole Michael Phelps thing( I do happen to believe that pot should be legal, and I am personally faaar more upset with his DUI than with a picture of him holding a bong-Hell, that picture just made me nostalgic)...But I was reading some of the comments people were making on the photo at a newspaper website(I honestly don't recall which one) and people were arguing back and forth, some making good points on both sides, abut then someone typed this(I am paraphrasing), "How do we know it wasn't crack that Phelps was smoking ?" Huh ? It's not a crack pipe, that's why. IT'S A BONG !!!!! It's for smoking mari...I mean it's for smoking harmless tobacco products! Not crack ! You imbecile!

I thought Bruce did a fine job at the Super Bowl. "Glory Days' is maybe my least favorite Springsteen song, but it's fun, and I know a lot of people quite enjoy it, and he did a good version of it...It's just a song that I heard waaaay too much back in '84-'85, and I did not like it that much to begin with.

I think Bruce's new record, "Working On A Dream" is excellent, by the way, and I like it more with each listen.

I think this is now posted, but I will finish it, and then post it again. See, I accidentally hit enter after putting in some labels, and that posted the entry prematurely. Sorry about that. It's never happened to me before. No, I'm serious! I have never prematurely posted before! Really. You aren't going to tell anyone, are you ?

Will you hold me ?

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