Monday, March 16, 2009

Meet My Ties: Volume 51...

Wow...Almost a year's worth of Meet My Ties...I must say, it doesn't feel like it's been more that 48 or 49 weeks, really.

I suppose it would be appropriate to put up the St. Patrick's Day tie that I have, but I did that LAST year, and if we are about anything here at Meet My Ties, it's not repeating ties. Actually, I don't really know that's what we're about...I like to think we are about making the world a better place, one tie display at a time....And I like to think it's working...I think the fact that the U.S. economy has completely collapsed during Meet My Ties' existence is complete coincidence, despite what that jackass Bernanke has to say about it.He can go jump in a lake, as my massage therapist likes to say.(She is such a fount of homespun wisdom!)
So we shall move forward, with a different tie today..... Let's do it, shall we ?

Dark Side Tie
Pink Floyd
100% Silk Made in China
2005 Pink Floyd 1987 LTD
Under License to GEI Marketing by Anthill Trading LTD.

The Dark Side of the Moon Tie. A bunch of little prisms and refracted light. Tripped out, man. Sometimes, I can just sit at my desk and look at this tie...and just...BE...You know ? Like, i just AM.
Here's a closer look:

You enjoy your Monday, Crimestoppers !!!

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