Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Toilet to Save the World !!!

So, I was planning to tell you folks the riveting, edge of your seat thrilling story of the Irish sodabread I made last week...but I forgot to upload the pictures, so no sodabread story today...Sorry about that. What else can I tell you about ?

I had a very weird dream last night...It was about this guy that had invented this toilet that could solve all of the planet's ecological problems( do not ask exactly how this toilet was going to solve all of the world's ecological problems, I never got to that bit of exposition)...BUT, the company that had agreed to build the toilet had removed a part that did not affect the basic workings of the toilet, but did keep it from solving all of the planet's ecological problems!

So it fell to me, the guy who invented the toilet and Jessica Fletcher(okay, it was Angela Lansbury, but she was playing her character from "Murder,She Wrote") to try and figure out why they would do such a thing.We had a man "on the inside" who was all ready to tell us the whole story...But when we went to meet him, he was....DEAD!

What do we do now ? We all go back to a house(presumably it belonged to the guy who invented the toilet-there was weird stuff all around the house, cliche inventor stuff, you know, colanders hanging from the ceilings and odd light bulbs and, well, it looked like Doc Brown's house from Back to the Future. Anyway, there was an envelope waiting there for us that our man "on the inside" had sent because he felt that "they" were getting close. The envelope contained a flash drive and a cd and a diskette(this "inside guy" was very thorough), and a letter explaining what was on the included media.

Why do you think the company had removed the part ? That's right...GREED! It turned out that they could sell the part to some foreign nation that desperately needed the part in order to create a deadly weapon! can you believe it ?

Just as we were learning all of this, an evil looking man entered the room holding a gun. He was the CEO of the company, and was very sorry, but now that we knew, he would have to kill us. We all looked at each other, quite scared... And then I woke up.

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