Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dream Interpretation

So, I found a piece of paper in my pocket just now. Actually, it was inside the small notebook that I carry in my shirt pocket. it was in that notebook, but not OF that notebook. It was a piece of 8 1/2 by 11 loose leaf style paper that was folded over a few times.
  This indicates to me that it is most likely from the notebook that i keep next to my bed so that I can record, in great detail, each sexual encounter between me and My Special Lady...Okay, that's a joke, I keep the notebook there so that I can record any particularly interesting dreams I may have. 
   Well, I would love to regale you with the details of this dream, but I have not the faintest clue why I wrote what I wrote on the piece of paper. I was going to try and recreate the page for you with my sparkling wordplay, but then I remembered that I have a scanner ! I can just show it to you!! Take a look!!

I can make out a few of the words: Sex and the City: ruined wedding  Mr. Big

     Geoff- Mary Alice- wiffle ball

  mean family( ?)

  basement rats

  ??? at Publix ?

  and, of course    suspended from wires

Fascinating, eh ? The Sex and the City stuff  seems fairly simple.I am pretty sure that Geoff and Mary Alice are people from Ace of Cakes. I'm not sure about the rest of it. was there a mean family of basement rats ? Were they suspended from wires ?
  Maybe it's better that I don't remember, huh ?

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