Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is It Ghost Cars ?

okay, there is a phenomena down here in the 'Hassee(and perhaps state, country, continent, or even globe -wide) that I do not understand, and that I, quite frankly find rather irritating.

  Now, perhapsd there is a reason for it. It is fully possible that this erves some purpose that i am too self centered or just plain stupid to understand. I am hoping that sharing will bring some answers.

   Here it is: Why do so many people leave almost a full car length between them and the car in front while WAITING AT A LIGHT ? I cannot even count how many times recently I have missed the opportunity for a protected left turn or not been able to get into a right turn lane because of a long line of traffic in the next lane that has achieved its' prodigious length with large spaces between the cars.

  So, does anyone else see this happening in your corners of the globe ?

   And if so, do you have any idea why it is happening ? Is it just that they are idiots(because there are A LOT of those here in Tallahassee) ? Is it some safety issue that I do not understand ? Is it ghost cars ?

 What is the deal. people ?

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World of Julie said...

Sometimes I'm just too tired to drive forward any more. Or someone in the back needs me to open a bag of pretzels right NOW and it just doesn't seem worth my time to go forward another 8 feet.

But, from my observations, I'm the only one around here who does this, so I don't know what to tell you.