Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crazee Dream Weirdness....

Monday night, I had yet another very strange dream....What's that ? You can't wait to hear about it ? Well, you sit right down then, and I'll unravel this tale....

   It all started with my oldest brother and I in the driveway of our parent's house, just talking. General small talk. I think we were returning from the airport, for some reason.I had just come back to town, so we were catching up. I kind of think it might have been around Thanksgiving, but I really don't know. I also don't know how or why I knew it, but in the dream, my Dad was still alive. It was not mentioned or anything, but somehow I knew it. Unfortunately, he never appeared in my dream. that was a bummer, I would have liked to have seen him again, even if only in a dream. 

  the dream then flashed back and forth between my parents front porch, and some elementary school(or it could have been the nursery school across the street from my parent's house) where there was some big event taking place.

  The dream was very disjointed, and people kept appearing and disappearing. At one point, I was in the gymnasium of the elementary school, and there was a train track running through the room, with a small train on it, not a toy train, but not full-sized either. It was big enough to have actual humans on it, and there was some creepy clown on it. All of a sudden, I see that my daughter RLB is wandering onto the tracks as the train is coming at her. I am thankfully close enough to grab her, and I do, falling backward and stepping on the toe of some lady, who SCREAMS in my ear:"Hey, watch out for my foot!". I turn to her and say, "So sorry, next time I'll let my daughter get run over by the TRAIN!" She looks at me, and says"See that you do."

   Then I'm on my parent's porch again.And I'm standing next to my friend Dave, and we are talking to some guy, I really don't recall who he was or what he looked like. The only thing I really remember was Dave saying to him(in reaction to something the guy said),"Oh, yeah, and you could have frozen margaritas in these antique Barbie glasses!" And he holds up this small glass with Barbie written on the side, and proceeds to hang it on this rather elaborate looking rack.

  Then I am back in the elementary school, and I am clearly behind the scenes of some very big event, as there are people rushing around everywhere, and there is a definite excitement in the air. Jen, a girl that I went to high school with walks past, and we exchange pleasantries.

  Then I am back on my parents porch, and Dave is on the ground, and he is searching through all of this debris on the ground in front of my parents' house. "What are you looking for ?" I ask.
 "Old dynamite." he answers,matter of factly. And as we talk, he is peeling these large wooden tubes like they are ears of corn, I guess looking for old sticks of dynamite inside.
    Why?" I ask.
    "Why not ?" he answers. And I cannot argue with that. Then, our friend John wanders up, and he and Dave are talking, and Dave says "Yeah, well I saw you and Waingro(which is a reference to one of the characters in the movie "Heat".) and (another name that I don't hear clearly) and I..." and then his voice kinda tails off. Then I hear John say something about it not being Waingro, but being Peter Stormare(the actor, appeared in "Fargo","The Big Lebowski" amongst countless other things), and them both laughing.
 Then I woke up. I grabbed a notebook next to my bed and wrote down some notes.

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