Thursday, May 28, 2009

Risk And Reward

Have you ever started doing something, and the instant you started doing it, you realized that the thing you were doing was not worth the possible risk ?

  This just happened to me. It's not any big life changing thing, but it is something that was not worth the potential consequences.

  An employee just came to my office and asked me a question. I did not have an answer for him. I had a guess, but when it comes to employees and taxes and paychecks and things, I don't like to go with guesses. I called HR to speak with the appropriate person. I called the front desk, as I was not sure with whom I needed to speak.

  When I got on the phone, I had grabbed some post-it notes, and a green Flair pen, in case I needed to take some notes, or simply write down the answer. In case you don't know, here is what a green Flair pen looks like:  

Part pen, part marker.I did end up writing down the name of the guy I needed to talk to, but ended up leaving him a message, as he did not answer the phone.

  I hung up the phone and told the employee that I would let him know whenever I got an answer. He thanked me and left.

  Then, I did the thing I mentioned earlier. Would you like to know what it is ? I had an itch on my chin, so I proceeded to scratch my face with the pen. Now do you see what I was getting at ? I froze...Had I put the cap back on the pen ? Was I actually scratching my face with the ink end of a green marker? Was I dyeing my beard green ? 

  Do you see what I mean now, by the risk not equaling the reward ? I will end the suspense and tell you that I had, in fact, put the cap back on the pen. But what if I had not ? Why not just use my fingers to take care of the itch on my face ? Why risk a green beard ? I don't know, folks. I just don't know.

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