Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baaaaaaaaad Dream....(And I Don't Mean "Bad" In The Cool Way)

So, I had yet another dream last night...This one was fairly disturbing.

It started with me being one of a group of people being escorted out of a hockey game for some reason. I think it was a game in Toronto(why Toronto ? I have no idea.It's a dream, okay ?)...And it seemed like I was part of a whole section of the arena being escorted out. In the background, I could hear the announcers talking aboot why we were being ejected, but I could not really hear them over the crowd booing at us and the music being played in the arena.

Then, I was in an airplane. And that was fine...for awhile. then the plane started descending...Descending VERY quickly. That did not feel right. And I could hear the other passengers saying just that. But I remember thinking:"If there was something wrong, certainly they would announce something, right ?" And then, the plane was in a straight nosedive. I could hear people screaming. And I was just saying "no" over and over again.It was strict, abject terror.
I saw the ground rushing up at us, just a few feet away...And then we were all in the airport...And none of us could figure out what the hell had happened.

Then I woke up.

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