Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Zen And the Art of Tallahassee Driving....

Okay, not just Tallahassee driving...Driving in general...I need to do something to get my road rage in check...I just let too much shit bother me when I'm driving...But I'm not sure how to make it NOT bother me.

  Now, just to be clear, I am not saying that I am wrong to be bothered  by most of what bothers me...I'm not.There are A LOT of shitty, shitty drivers out there, and they both anger me and scare me half to death. I know that what they are doing is wrong and dangerous...But my getting all angry and neck veiny and yelly and cursey in my car is not going to help anything, so i need to learn to let it go. But how ?

  Anybody have any ideas ? Anything that has worked for them ?


Michele said...

Florida drivers are some of the worst I have experienced. Sometimes what helps me not freak out (especially when I have a toddler in the car!) is to give the so-called crappy driver(s) a break in my head, i.e. wow, they must really be distracted and didn't see me; or, that person is a terrible driver and I'm staying away from him/her. Big deep breaths help a lot, too! Yeah yeah, much easier said than done, but I am trying to model the behavior that I want August to adopt. Tough stuff, for sure.

Paticus said...

Michele- Yeah, it's a special brand of suck down here.
I'll try being more benevolent to people, I actually have not tried that, but perhaps I will try to dole out more benefit of the doubt. My girls are the main reason I want to try and cool out, but I also think I'm gonna make my heart explode at some point, and I think I'd rather that didn't happen.