Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This Happened....

Let me set the scene: I had just gotten out of the shower after getting all hot and sweaty mowing the lawn(settle down,ladies). My Special Lady had taken the girls on a play date. I sat down to relax for a moment or two, and catch up on some TiVO watching. I will be honest, I don't remember what it was that I had decided to watch, but it doesn't really matter anyway.

 The important thing here, is that I get to the part where I tell you that I decided to have a snack: So, I decided to have a snack. I looked in the cabinet(I was gonna write cupboard there, but cabinet just felt more REAL, you know ?) and I saw that we had some still in the shell peanuts. SCORE!! I put some in a bowl, grabbed another bowl for the discarded shells, a cold Coke Zero, and returned to the couch.

 Is at there for a while, shelling peanuts, eating them, all the while watching some tee vee.I was not paying much attention to the bowl of peanuts. No need to, right ? Just a bowl of peanuts, in their shells, waiting to be cracked open and devoured by a fat bastard watching some tee vee. Makes sense.+That's certainly what the fat bastard thought. That's until I reached into the bowl and pulled out something that definitely did not feel like a peanut. I turned my gaze towards my hand, and found this between my fingers:

Let me reiterate that. I found THIS:

 in my bag of peanuts. What the FUCK?!?!?!

  I assume it's some sort of machine part. I really don't know. I'm just glad that I wasn't eating something that I would just shovel down my gullet, or I may have actually tried to eat the damn thing!!

  So, there's something that happened.


Avitable said...

Wow - that's pretty crazy!

So, you going to try to make it this year to the party?

Paticus said...

I am going to try, but I am afraid that forces are aligning against me.

Avitable said...

Damn evil empire!