Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My 115th Dream: In Which The Velociraptor Asks For More Crab Puffs....

About this dream I had the other night...It started with a large family get together at what I think was my parents house in Jersey.It was some fairly happy occasion, as everyone was pretty happy.

  Then, suddenly the scene changed(as is known to happen in dreams), and suddenly all the same people(and then some-more about this in a moment) were at what was apparently the new house that My Special Lady and I had recently moved into and were having some sort of help us unpack/housewarming extravaganza.Everyone was laughing and yelling and singing(Motown was the constant soundtrack to this dream-lotsa Diana Ross(both with the Supremes and without) and Stevie Wonder) and such. Much fun was being had by all. And it seems that everyone decided to bring power tools.There were saws and drills and other things that I could not identify all over the house. Some new, some clearly used.

  Now, as to the "and then some" that I mentioned earlier. there were also several animals helping us with all this. Rabbits and wolverines and badgers and kangaroos(and there was a blue moose and a green hippo, which I think were a nod to my children's stuffed companions) and they were mingling and having cocktails and such. And there also was a rather large dinosaur(I think it might have been one of those velociraptor things-I'm not really a dinosaur guy) who was just charming everybody in sight.I think that couple of the alien creatures from "Avatar" were there, and Paul Simonen was re-enacting the cover of "London Calling" in the corner.

  Then, we were all suddenly out in the backyard(which was ENORMOUS, by the way) and everyone was digging holes. Really big holes. I do not know WHY we were all digging holes.I woke up shortly thereafter. the last image from the dream was that of a dinosaur sticking his head up out of a hole and asking if we had anymore crab puffs.
  So, whaddya think THAT all means ?

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