Sunday, November 29, 2009

My 116th Dream:In Which Thora Birch Is Going To Give Me A Tattoo

So, I had another weird dream last night(I say last night, it was actually Thursday night, and I'm writing this on Friday, but you'll probably not see it until Sunday)....In this one, I was being chased through the streets by some street toughs. I'm not sure what I did to anger them, as when I entered the dream, I was running full speed to get away from them. they were yelling Irish slurs at me, so that might be a clue, perhaps they were an anti-Irish gang of toughs ? I really don't know. It's really not that important.
  What is important is that I was being chased through the streets by them. I turned a corner and saw a tattoo shop that I ducked into. Apparently, some of my friends worked there: Lauren, who is a friend of mine in real life(though, not a tattoo artist, as far as I know), and  big shot Hollywood Thora Birch.

Who is not a friend of mine in real life, as far as I know. So, I sit down on this couch and the three of us start discussing the tattoo I am apparently getting. I decide to put it on the inside of my left forearm. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to remember what it was that I wanted to get tattooed on my arm. As I flip through all of these books, all of the people from the tattoo shop have gathered around, and they have started to pepper me with ideas, most of which are jokes.
  I keep looking nervously around for the street toughs to come barging into the shop, but they thankfully never do. I woke up, never having settled on a tattoo.

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