Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What Movie Is This From ? Episode CLXXIII

We have no winner from last week! Nobody recognized

"Honey, will you please-what are the odds of the Russians attacking on a Thursday night ?"

from "The Man With One Red Shoe"! I am shocked and appalled that nobody remembered that gem from the Tom Hanks canon! C'mon people!! Where's the dedication ? The effort ? Huh ? Huh ? Oh, ferget it, I might as well be talking to a red shoe, for all the good it does.

Onto this week's clue, a movie from 2003:

"I might never have liked you. Point of fact, I despise you. But that doesn't suggest I don't respect you.Dying in our sleep is a luxury our kind is rarely afforded. My gift to you."

Good luck, Crimestoppers!!


*jaime said...

Kill Bill! (part 1)

B.E. Earl said...


Good thing she got that phone call from Bill right at that moment. The movie would have sucked otherwise. ;)