Thursday, January 21, 2010


Folks, I'm not sure what to share with you today.I have got a whole lot bouncing around the old brain...Lots of stories from the olden days, but quite sure what form for them to take just yet.

  If I were to lay bare all my insecurities and weakness to you, would you hold me while I cried ?

 Nah, you wouldn't comfort me.You would probably scoff at me and leave me, sobbing on the floor, as you go off for a drink with the boys. You're cold hearted bastards, my blog readers, but you know that's why I love you.

  Well, as Georgia O'Keefe always used to say,"If all else fails, wow them with some poetry." So, here goes:

       Beads, hats, baubles,
       A bathtub full o' gin
      Gold encrusted cigarette holders
       Bundt cake- lemon ?
       Coffee from a shot glass
       Sugarless bubble gum
       Stuck to my shoe
      Why must all these things
       Remind me of you ?

 Peace out, homies!

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