Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Movie Is This From? Episode 179

We have a winner from last week! the lovely and talented Donna correctly identified

"The genius who created me only took care of my dashing good looks, my razor sharp wit and my irresistible attraction to the wrong women."

from "The Wiz". Brava, Donna, brava!! Onto this week's clue, a movie from 1946:

"If he had such good manners, he'd get off your lap and give me a seat. He can stand up better than I can, he's got twice as many legs."

Good luck, Crimestoppers!!!


B.E. Earl said...

Is it The Thin Man, or one of the Thin Man sequels?

BREZZ said...

that movie was made twenty years before i was born. maybe a bogart film?
did i win? :))

Paticus said...

Earl- good guess!

BREZZ_ Check out today's post to see if you were right! Thanks for the visit and the comment. Welcome to the Flats!