Thursday, January 28, 2010

True Story...

So, this one time I was kickin' it in my crib, just chillin', playing some online Parcheesi and listening to some Barbra Streisand or some Ice-T or some shit(it was definitely a singer who became an actor), and I hear this big BANG in the alley behind my apartment.

  I walked over to the window and pulled the curtain aside,and down in the alley I saw nothing. Like, ABSOLUTELY nothing, which is weird, because it's an alley, and there's usually all sorts of shit down there.But now there was NOTHING.

  I decided to get a closer look at what wasn't going on down there.I grabbed my baseball bat and exited my apartment. I saw that the hallway outside my apartment was also spotless...But that was not a surprise because my landlord is a fucking DICK about keeping the hallway clean.Maybe he had turned his sights on the alley as well ? Could be, I thought.

  I reached the door that opened onto the alley. i took a deep breath and opened the door. Just as I suspected..NOTHING was there. I started laughing. It was just too weird. The dumpster was gone. The remnants of the old homicide chalk outlines were gone.Lil Petey, the alley cat that looked so much like Peter Frampton, he was gone too. My car...Oh shit! I had parked my car in the alley..It was gone too. And my notebook was in there, with all my blog notes...And that is why I do not have a blog post today.

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