Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Damnn You, Fickle Snack Machines!!!

Here's something I just thought of a few minutes ago:

   What candy/chip/snack item do you think gets caught on the coils of the snack machines the most often?
  M&M's? Snickers? Some bag of chips ?

  More importantly, do you think there is any sort of measure of such numbers? I guess it would be hard to amass data, as I don't know how often the problem is reported.



Poppy said...

Tough one. In my experience it tends to be stuff that doesn't quite fit on the spiral, so gets snagged on it when it tries to detach from it.

Jessica said...

I've never had any sort of snack get stuck! :P

Paticus said...

Poppy- Yes, that definitely is a strong factor.
i tend to think that things in bags tens to get stuck more than candy bars.
Jessica- Really? That's some good luck you have...Or maybe your just smart enough to stay away from the crap you can eat out of a vending machine ? :)

Jessica said...

\Maybe a little of both!