Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Does Anyone Make a Brain Filter?

I think I need one...Pronto!!

 I keep thinking...Well, no that's not accurate, I KNOW that I have things to write about, but when i sit down to actually write about them...ABSOLUTE ZERO. It's like I need some sort of device to focus or sift my brain material down...I need to boil my ideas down, I need to make a simple idea syrup or something.It's really starting to drive me a little crazy...And if I had any readers, I bet it would drive them crazy too...Thankfully that's not really an issue anymore(I quite accidentally happened upon my Sitemeter stats yesterday whilst cleaning up my e-mails-YIKES!).

   Maybe I need to start drinking more. Drinking always seems to be the perfect solution to everything, doesn't it? :)

  Actually, i think what I maybe need to do is actually start carving  out some actual time to write, rather than trying to squeeze it in between other things, or realizing in the morning that I have nothing to post today, and I should try and post SOMETHING. Hmmmm...Actually PLANNING posts and such, well, isn't that a novel idea?(no pun intended).

  Well, obviously it's too late to save this post with such planning, but future posts, you better watch yer ass!!

 You could also go give this a look and listen if you want:

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