Monday, September 13, 2010

This Happening Everywhere?

So, I have begun to notice something happening down here in the 'Hassee, and I'm wondering if it is happening everywhere, or if it is particular to my circle of driving hell.

  Over the last 6 months or so(at least that's when I really started noticing it), I have noticed a definite rise in people faking left to turn right, and vice versa. I mean, I see it happen several times a day. A car will be in front of me, put it's left turn signal on, and then veer to the right before making the turn. It's bizarre, it's kinda potentially dangerous, and it's certainly annoying.

  Has anyone else witnessed this? And with anywhere near the frequency that I see it?

  Oh, and I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to My Special Lady: Jen, you are the best. I love you.


B.E. Earl said...

Happens all over the place. But usually right in front of me.

Happy B-Day to your special lady friend.

Paticus said...

Earl- Has it always been happening, or is it a fairly recent phenomenon?