Friday, September 10, 2010

Holy Shit!! I'm Forty!!

That's right folks....Today is my fortieth birthday.

  Fear not, I have already started trolling the malls, looking for my next wife. I mean, I love My Special Lady and all, but it just would not look right for me to be driving around town in my new banana yellow Corvette with a woman over the age of 25. I'm sorry if the truth hurts, but I have always been a pragmatist.

  And yes, you read that correctly, this morning I will be picking up my new banana yellow Corvette. Here's a photo:

 Pretty snazzy, huh? That car, paired with my new hair dye and my scheduled nose job, brow lift, chemical peel and liposuction will have the young ladies tossing their panties in the air, dying for a piece of  the P-Dizzawg.

 That's right, I'll be strolling through the clubs with a coupla sexy ladies on each arm, and a nice cold MGD 64 in each hand.

  After I pick up the car, I'll head on over to the Banana Republic(surely blasting some Lady Ga-Ga or Ke$ha, definitely something crunky, out the stereo) to pick up an all new wardrobe.Slacks, shirts, jaunty hats...I'm going all out, baby!! Of course, I'll also have to get a new murse.

  40 is only as old as YOU make it, fellow crunkonians!

  Happy god-damned fortieth birthday to me!!


Verdant Earl said...

happy birthday!

Avitable said...

Happy birthday, old man.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday! :)

c2 said...

Because it can't be said enough...Happy Birthday!!!

Poppy said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

Paticus said...

Thanks Everybody!!!