Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Dance Into The Past....

So, i walk into the place because I want a cup of coffee, right? Right. So, I sit down at the counter and I tell the lady behind the counter that I want a cup of coffee.

  She pours me a cup and hands me a menu. I had not really planned on eating, but I ordered a denver omelette, a double cheeseburger, some cheese fries, a chocolate milkshake and several plates of fried chicken.

  As I am finishing my foood, I hear someone feed a dollar into the juke box and press a few buttons. The next thing I know, the sweet sounds of Brandy & Monica's "The Boy is Mine" come wafting out of the speakers, like a ghost escaping an ancient idol in an old time movie. Before I even turn around, I know what I will see....My old dance nemesis, Corey Mullaney.

     "Mullaney" I say. From behind me, I hear Mullaney's voice say "Williamson". And I know what's gonna happen next....DANCE BATTLE!!

  What Mullaney does not know, however, is that I have not danced since that fateful night in 2004 when our friend and colleague Cliff Dantorro lost his life.

  I slide off the stool and turn to face Mullaney.


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