Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tired & Bloated...Hows About A Video?

Alright, I am still  tired and bloated  from a great first night of Hannukah feast prepared by My Special Lady and shared with some great friends, so I am going to share a video combining two things I love- Comedy & Music.
  What you have below is a bit from SCTV back in 1984. Dave Thomas as Walter Cronkite and Rick Moranis as David Brinkley reporting on a shuttle launch, and they seem to have musician Robert Gordon confused with an astronaut named Gordon Cooper. Then Robert plays a great version of Marshall Crenshaw's tune "Someday Someway"... Hope you enjoy it!


Avitable said...

Happy Chanukah!

Paticus said...

Why thank you sir! Right back atcha!