Thursday, February 03, 2011

Dream Journal Entry A4356743213456678998535649956758

So, I had this weird dream last night. What's that? You would like me to tell you all about it? Well, okay, if you insist.
  It started with My Special Lady and I walking up to get in line to see the Daily Show. I stopped to tie my shoe, and she walked ahead to get a space in line. In the time I was tying my shoe, a rather large group of people got on line behind My Special Lady. As I was approaching and planning to join her, I saw this other guy walk up to some friends on the line, and all these people started yelling that he was a "CUTTER", and that he couldn't cut the line, and they dragged him away and beat him up.
  My Special Lady and I looked at each other and we nodded, which was our understanding that we would just meet up after we got inside(It's a dream).
  They open up the doors,and we are all going inside. For some reason, as we are walking in, Jon Stewart  exits the building and walks past all of us, and he's wearing one of those winter hats with flaps on it, like this:

 People call his name, but he is clearly distressed about something, and keeps walking.

  We get inside, and there is suddenly a lot of really tall people(like 7 feet tall) ALL wearing really bad wigs.One of them is a guy named Chester that we know really well(in the dream anyway. he is not someone I recognize from my waking life), and he has his family with him, and they are stying in the Daily Show offices. He shows us this fairly large cubicle are that they have set up like a small apartment.
  Then, as we are wandering around this place, trying to find our seats for the show taping, we notice that there are a lot of these cubicle apartments.
  Next thing I know, we are in our seats, but for some reason, they are facing AWAY from the stage where the show is being performed, but facing some other people who can see the show. And there are these bouncers there who will not let us turn around, so we get to to listen to the show, and watch other people who are enjoying it.
  Then I woke up.