Monday, February 21, 2011

Eddie Money?

So, yesterday, one of my friends made a disparaging remark about Eddie Money(actually, about the pain of having Eddie Money lyrics trapped in one's head). I did not necessarily feel the need to jump to Eddie's defense(though i did point out that there are worse things, such as the lyrics to "Can't Fight This Feeling"), but it did get me thinking a bit about Eddie Money, and I found that I actually really dig a couple of his tunes.

  What's that? You would like it very much if I posted a few of them here? Well, I think that can be arranged:

  I remember arguing with my brother because I was convinced that the girl in this video was Apollonia(of Apollonoa 6 and Purple Rain fame), but he told me I was crazy. But now, years and thousands of research dollars later, i find out that I WAS correct! That woman IS Apollonia!!

See? Eddie was also a visionary...He saw the whole vampire craze thing 30 years ago!!

  And how can one argue with Ronnie Spector?

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*jaime said...

Is your brother blind? Who else could pull off that silver eyeshadow with such aplomb??