Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Heading Over To West Egg?

So, I had a bit of a weird dream the other night. I  was standing in this rather large warehouse, and there were hundreds of people wandering around, and they were all reminiscing about things that they had in common. Someone walked up to me and said" Do you remember that very pale boy with the very large head? And I did remember him(I do not know to whom this might correlate in my real life, except for maybe myself, as I am rather pale and have a large head-but in the dream we were not talking about me)and I remarked on what a nice kid he was. The person nodded and then walked away.
  Then someone else walked up to me and asked if I recalled that time that Mrs. Denunzio had confiscated the gin...And I unfortunately had to say that I did not remember that. This person looked at me for a second, and then wandered away as well.
  Pretty soon this very loud horn sounded, and everyone started to take their seats at these cafeteria tables. Everyone(including me) seemed to know exactly where they were supposed to sit.As I arrived at my table, I saw my friends Bruce, Dave, Ellen & John. These were all friends from high school, but we all looked the way we look now. We were glad to see each other, and then we took our seats. we all reached into our various bags and knapsacks and pulled out copies of "The Great Gatsby".
  Then, a voice came over the loudspeaker, but I could not understand a word of what it was saying; It was like this horrible cliche combination of a subway announcement and the oldest drive thru speaker put together. As I looked around, I realized with horror that I seemed to be the ONLY ONE who could not understand what was being said. I glanced around our table and everyone was frantically taking notes...And then I woke up.

  Crazy, huh?

  Well, a Gatsby reference in a dream seems like a good enough reason to share this with you: It's "The Great Gatsby" video game.

 I cannot get past the great big eyes, so if any of you decide to go play, and you figure out how to get past him, let me know.

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