Wednesday, March 02, 2011

"If Woody had Gone Right to the Police, This Would Never Have Happened"

When I was a kid, I used to love watching the Woody Woodpecker Show. I think I watched it as much, if not more, than Looney Tunes. Woody and Chilly Willie, and Sugarfoot and Andy Panda and Maw & Paw with Milford the Pig. I loved those cartoons, even the ones where Woody looked kinda unhinged.

 I loved watching Woody tangle with old Buzz Buzzard. I think this one was always my favorite(mostly because it produced the title of this post- I have always loved that line):

  And now I have a question for you: Does anyone remember a cartoon that i think had a dog in  it, and he was trying to avoid waking up a sleeping bear, and he ends up having to hold up a HUGE stack of logs, and he keeps hiccuping, and his pants keep falling down? And he ends up doing this for years? Sound familiar to anyone? I think the same dog might have been in one where he was breaking out of jail, and he ends up inside a television set, and he has to act out tee vee shows? Maybe they were Droopy Dog cartoons(but this was not Droopy himself)? Anyone?
  UPDATE: I found one of them. Here is the one about the prison break.

 I thought i found the other one, and I did find one about a dog trying to keep a house quiet for an ill tempered hibernating bear, but it did not end with the hiccuping, pants dropping log holding thing.

  UPDATE #2: I found the other one! It's a Woody Woodpecker cartoon called Log Jammed(not to be confused with the ludicrously acted "Log-Jammin'"). I had accidentally combined two cartoons!

  Here's the Woody Woodpecker- "Log Jammed"

 And , for good measure, here is the other one, about the hibernating bear:

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