Friday, August 19, 2011

Name That Lyric: Episode 249

We have a winner from last week!! the lovely and talented Earl correctly identified:

Swingin' to the drums, swingin' to guitar
Swingin' to the bass in the back of my car

from "Cherry Pie" by Warrant! Bravo, Earl, bravo!!!! Onto this week's clue:

times been good, times have been bad
when I was with you, you know it made me sad

Good luck, Dillweeds!!!

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Anonymous said...

They say (whoever they are), that the primitively opportunistic primal drives (or basic instincts) of the huge mass of socially-orientated humanity who are always looking for a good group of groovy humans to relate to are food, drink, shelter and sex (but not necessarily in that order). Others (while splitting hairs) like to say that there is a fifth element in the equation, a fifth, purely primitive primal drive among the talking primates known in mass as humanity: idle curiosity. Learn to value it.