Thursday, August 18, 2011

"What does it mean? What can you do about it?"

'Sup? And P.O.I.T., Everybody!!

  So, I actually DO gots some things to be wrtin' about, but I am busy and really tired and feel kinda nauseous(and okay, a little nervous that I might be pregnant- I know that sounds crazy, being that I'm a dude and all, but I don't know what other explanation there could be for the distended belly and nausea...But, I'm no Dr. Quinn, so I don't know for sure), so you will get some of that stuff later.

  This morning I was surfing the webs, on this brand new website called YouseTube or something, and I wanted to see if there was a video for as tune by The Feelies called "It's Only Life", and I stumbled a cross a cover of it by a guy named Mike Doughty. Actually, I guess it's actually a cover of a Mary J. Blige song called "Real Love" and he works a bit of "It's Only Life" into it. I really dig it. I guess he was in a band called Soul Coughing in the '90's. That name is vaguely familiar, but I don't know that I ever heard them. I also don't think I know this Mary J Blige song either(my personal Mary J jam is "Family Affair"-LOOOOVE that tune). I do believe I will have to look into this Mike Doughty  fellow, though... I really dig this tune...Check it out:

Here's The Feelies tune, if you care to hear it(this one has been one of my favorite songs from the moment I heard it)

  And for good measure, here's my  personal favorite Mary J Blige jam(cuz I don't need no hateration OR holleration):

  So  Praise Ogma It's Thursday everybody!!!

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