Thursday, April 17, 2008

P.O.I.T !!!!!

What ? That is a kick-ass acronym, and you know it !! Did you really think that I was going to give up after one week ? You obviously don't know me as well as you think.

I really thought that we, as a society, are ripe for a fresh, hip, new T.G.I.F., and I think Praise Oprah, It's Thursday is stellar. P.O.I.T. !!!

I am already working on the script for the movie, and I am speaking to investors about a chain of P.O.I. Thursday's restaurants....

What's that ?


My lawyers inform me that we have received a "cease and desist" letter from Oprah Winfrey, stating that if I utter the phrase Praise Oprah it's Thursday again, I will be in some major trouble...And I do not want to fuck with the big "O". For all I know, she'll come to my house and eat my children.

Hmm.. so what do we do now ?

My crack research staff hopped on the old internets, and they have come up with a replacement phrase....The new, improved, Hot catchphrase is....Praise Ogma, It's Thursday !! Ogma, I'm told, is the Celtic God of Eloquence and Runes.

Praise Ogma, It's Thursday...I like that. I like that a lot. fuckin' A. Good job, crack research staff! And thank you Oprah, for forcing us to improve the new catchphrase.

Alright, now where was I ? Oh yes, I am working on the script, though I will have to rework the story a little bit, and certainly remove the Oprah cameo, but this is good. the wheels are turning.
And I am now simply ABUZZ about the possibilities for P.O.I. Thursday's !! Irish cuisine at it's finest !! Guinness on tap. Harp on tap. Boiled meats !!! More news to come !!



Zooomabooma said...

What the movie would specifically need is a character who is caricature of Oprah.

Complaints will be lodged -- "How could you do that?! A character who is obviously supposed to be Oprah, how could you make her such a buffoon?!?!?!"

But then you can just say, "Nope, wasn't supposed to be Oprah, you're imagining things," while all the while thinking -- "HA!!! That'll teach her to screw with my great idea for Praise Oprah It's Thursday!"

Paticus said...

Zooma- I ilke the way you think. I think there might be a writing credit in your future.

ruru said...