Monday, July 16, 2012

Dream Journal Entry: Of Toothpick Tattoos

Now, a lot of the specific detail of this dream wafted away when I opened my eyes, but not all of it.

  It all started with a couple of friends of mine(girls I have known since at least high school) deciding that they were going to give me a tattoo. They did(on my shoulder), and they did the work with toothpicks. Apparently, it worked very well, as many people in the dream had good things to say about it.

  Here's the thing about this dream...I never got to see the tattoo, and nobody would describe it to me.I kept trying to see it, and something or other would happen, and I wouldn't see it. Same thing with anyone telling me what it looked like. I would ask someone to describe it,and then they would be called away, or someone would come up and interrupt.

  This dream went on for what seemed like a long time, and I was never able to see the tattoo.

  I do remember being much braver than I imagine I would be if I ever actually got a tattoo, especially with the fact that it was being done with toothpicks.

  I also remember being involved in some sort of t-shirt sale at this old timey record store. They sold 45s, cassettes, 8 tracks, and reel to reel tapes and stuff like that. I think the t-shirts were of my tattoo, for some reason, so I of course never got a good look at the t-shirts, but they were selling like hotcakes!!

 Very strange, very strange indeed.


c2 said...

I once dreamt that I had written some fabulous book, but never got to see much of the cover or the title. It had just been published, so I don't know if it was a bestseller or not. Very frustrating!

Paticus said...

Isn't it weird what our brains will do to us?