Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Man, Don't Be A Flat Tire ! You're A Real Captain Bringdown, Man !!

Did you know that today is the 68th day of the year ? Isn't that nuts ? I would have guessed it wasn't anymore than the 65th day...crazy, know, I think I need to start using more be-bop lingo in my everyday speech(and typing)...lots of groovys and far outs, start calling people "cat", and referring to them as "squares" and "flat tires"...and "norms", man, that is IT...and I think I'll start carrying bongos around with me at all times...because sometimes the emotions cannot be expressed through words, man...sometimes words do not cut the metaphysical mustard, you dig ? Man, you are a hepcat, I tell know where I could buy a beret ? What's cooler for facial hair ? A goatee or a Vandyke ?...can you dig this rap, cat? are you with me ? What, are you a flat tire ? Well, man, then this is the fix-it shop man, the DR. COOL'S COSMIC FIX-IT SHOP AND ALL NIGHT EAT AND, we are faaaaaaarr out, man...I mean SPACED-OUT !!!! you dig ? Come down to Dr. Cool's, man, we will fix your flat tire, give you some freaky drinks and some groovy vittles, hepness man !!! Are you digging any of this scene man, is it floggin' your noggin' ? I am becoming one with the VIBE, man !! Do you see it, man ? Can you seeeeee the viiiibe ? It is the VIBE man !! It is a constantly vibrating emanation of light, sound and texture, freaks out the norms and the squares, man, but if you get it, then you get it, you dig ?, i should have had more than Pixie Stix and Mountain Dew for dinner

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