Thursday, March 10, 2005

Why Does Quizno's Got To Be So Unpleasant ?

What is the deal with Quizno's ? Some of you will remember that I previously ranted about this when they had commercials featuring those freakishly deformed singing monkeys(which, by the way, i did find FUNNY, just not the least bit conducive to desiring a sandwich-even a toasted sub)- and now, they have found something even more unsettling- A TALKIING BABY...and not a cute little baby talking baby-style-oh no, for the love of god it is a baby speaking with a grownup's mouth and voice- CREEEEEEEEEEEEPY, disturbing, eerie, yucky,blecchy, I can't even think of more words to describe it- it is just plain UNPLEASANT--not to even mention that I think their subs are nothing to write home about anyway- but it seems like a bad idea to continually advertise your supposedly delicious product with stomach turning commercials.


elizabeth said...

i really LIKED those commercials (the ones with the monkey/rat things). they were the only reason i ever went to quiznos at all... i don't go there anymore, now that the commercials are gone.

Paticus said...

I said I thought they were funny, just gastrononically unappealing, but you must admit that t6he talking kid is creeeeeeepy !!